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Important notices, terms & conditions

Below are things you MUST be absolutely clear on before you fill out the client verification request form. We are the oldest and toughest provider verification service in the industry, our terms are inviolate and we are inflexible in this regard.

  1. We DO NOT accept provider references or ANY other screening services. If you have a problem with this requirement, please go here.

  2. Members of the Fantasys Network are FULL verification providers. This means that if Fantasy Client Screening can't validate who you say you are, you  WON'T do business with any member of the Fantasys Network. There are NO exceptions. Don't bother e-mailing us telling us how special you think you are, how many reviews you've written, and why you should be exempt. We DON'T care. Our customers come to us because of our integrity, reputation, safety, and security. We assure discretion and professionalism. Screening is part of our duty and commitment to provide the safest circumstances for all parties concerned.

  3. Fill out the form with honestly and completely. Don't attempt to lie in ANY fashion. This includes intentional "typos" on your name, date of birth, or other data. Your full legal name must be used, NO nicknames, initials or common alias. For example: TJ, PJ or JJ are NOT acceptable.  Incomplete, or dishonest applications will be declined and likely will not be allowed another chance. 60% of all client code applicants are denied because they try to be deceptive or get cute. Take our word for it: if you try to lie or subvert the process in anyway, you WILL be declined. Those who comply in full usually get approved the quickest.

  4. If you are 29 or under, we appreciate your interest but, we will decline the offer, the Fantasys Network and most of our affiliates specialize in the 30 and older market. 

  5. Once you have received your client code, you must CALL the number in your client code letter in order to make an appointment with the appropriate affiliate.

  6. Do NOT share your client code with anyone beyond Fantasys immediate personal. DO NOT give it out to other providers, friends, ANYONE! Doing so will get you BANNED. 


Please check your Spam or Bulk Folder for our automatic confirmation e-mail which will se sent - More Details here.

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