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A Frequently asked question:

Your information is safe at Fantasys!

We are here to help.

Everything is completely discrete, else we wouldn't survive very well. We understand and appreciate your positions publicly, personally and professionally and as such we go to terrific lengths to protect you as much as we protect ourselves so we can be in business for another 25 successful years.

Our pre-screening process is unobtrusive as well as completely safe for you and nearly undetectable. Our information services are quite extensive as we own a number of supporting business assets as well that assist our efforts in the verification process with an acceptable public image. My discretion and anonymity is as important to me as my present and future clientele so with that in mind we designed this system to comply with my personal requirements for autonomy, anonymity and security as well so hobbyists and providers alike will subscribe to our premium service offerings and to be recognized and accepted internationally by our world travelers.

All of our software is custom built specifically for my company-we use nothing "off the shelf" in any of the sensitive areas that could be compromised in any way so your personal information is safely maintained exclusively by us and only by Fantasys. Additionally our primary information servers are located offshore, outside of the U.S. jurisdiction. We have multiple sophisticated encryptions and firewall's for additional buffers to insulate You, Us and Them from our sensitive information and only Two persons have access to our database. We do not gamble with our safety or yours.

No providers ever have any direct access to you or your information for additional considerations to everyone. Not today, not in the past, not ever. We are here for the long run and a persons character or situation is susceptible to change and we will not subject you or ourselves to un-needed scrutiny from someone else.

In short, you are good to go with us and we will also provide you with a free reference to another provider service or even make referrals on your behalf from our referral network when you travel so you needn't go through this process with someone else.

I cannot guarantee that another provider will honor our Screening Services, however with my personal and professional 27 year reputation there really shouldn't be a question at all because we have an unblemished record, a HUGE internet presence, are well known for our tough-inflexible requirements, our excellent search engine rankings and 270 PAGES of escort reviews from my own well known Escort Agency, FANTASYS.

This should provide you with the reasonable reassurance everyone most commonly requests.

Thank You for your co-operation,