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The original client screening service which started it all in 1999. Originally created for members of the Fantasys Network only FCS went public with our web site in 2005.

Our methodologies are actual client screening not provider references which is a very flawed method of vouching NOT client screening.

Our pre-screening process is unobtrusive as well as completely safe for you and nearly undetectable. Our information services are quite extensive in addition to our ownership of a number of supporting business assets which assist in our efforts toward the verification process. Discretion and anonymity is as important to us as it is to present and future clientele of the Fantasys Network and partners . With this in mind we designed our system to comply with requirements for autonomy, anonymity and security.

All of our software is custom built specifically for FantasysClientScreening -we use nothing "off the shelf" in any of the sensitive areas that could be compromised in any way so your personal information is safely maintained exclusively by us and only by FCS . Additionally our primary information servers are located offshore, outside of the U.S. jurisdiction. We have multiple sophisticated encryptions and firewall's for additional buffers to insulate You, Us and Them from our sensitive information and only Two persons have access to our database. We do not gamble with our safety or yours.


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